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If you are looking for a witty comedian whose off the cuff remarks has audiences roaring with laughter, then Gene Turner is your man.

If you are looking for an exceptional magician that amazes and delights groups large and small, then Gene Turner is your man.

If you are seeking a motivational speaker who can deliver a memorable and entertaining key message or give an insightful lecture on the dangers of identity theft, then Gene Turner is your man.

If you are looking for the nimble-fingered pickpocket that just lifted your wallet, good luck catching Gene Turner.

You’ve found the website of Gene Turner, America’s Friendliest Pickpocket Entertainer. A master of misdirection and prestidigitation, his mischievous smile is all the warning you’ll get -- so hold on to your valuables.


"Fantastic! Gene is the ultimate sales entertainer with just the right mix of message, magic and participant involvement. He's our #1 entertainment choice."
-Frank LaPlaca, Primeline Financial Group 
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