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Stage Act

Gene Turner’s stage act is a brilliant mix of comedy, magic and pickpocket entertainment guaranteed to have you laughing and wondering, “How’d he do that?”

Filled with clean humor, audience participation and amazing illusions, Gene’s show is fun for audiences of all ages.


"His magic tricks were outstanding and his pickpocket sleight-of-hand manipulation was amazing. Involving members of the audience made everyone feel like part of the program."
Stephen J. Phipps, Executive Director, Community Clinical Education, University of Health Sciences

"...Gene puts on one of the finest and funniest show's I have seen. It's high energy, family oriented, and simply incredible to watch. But don't blink or you will miss it."
Michael Neifer, Program Director, PAR Broadcast Group


Pickpocket Entertainer

Gene excels in pickpocket entertainment. Using a volunteer from the audience, Gene removes personal items –- watch, wallet, tie and more. Usually the volunteer is completely unaware that their personal property is disappearing under their nose; however, the audience is not. This results in some hilarious moments as the flabbergasted "victim" realizes that even forewarned they couldn't catch "America’s Friendliest Pickpocket" in action!


Depending on the needs of your event, Gene Turner has magical comedy routines for a few minutes, or a full day or evening's entertainment. Gene's show is highly customizable to ensure the most entertainment for you and your guests. He can provide props, tables, music, intelligent moving lights, atmospheric hazers and 1,000 watt sound system with microphones. Or his show can also be presented with available house sound and lighting.





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