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"All of my current account buyers and new potential clients were amazed and entertained by Gene and his special brand of marketing. I say marketing because Gene can draw the client to the trade floor booth area, then proceed to pre-market each client with our company basic product offering and mission statement while showing our guests a terrific time [thus] creating a warm lead in for the attending sales rep to have a dialog and begin [or] extend relationship building."
Lou Borini, Sales Representative, Best Manufacturing

"As you had anticipated and we had hoped, having your performance at our booth increased the level and quality of traffic. In addition we have turned one visitor/prospect into a client. This is especially important since their initial contract far exceeded the cost of your service and therefore illustrated the value of your participation."
James M. Powell, Client Service Leader, WARZYN Inc.


If you want your tradeshow exhibit and events to be memorable and successful, then Gene Turner is the ideal choice!

Understanding the challenge of attracting and holding the attention of tradeshow visitors, Gene Turner developed a unique approach to help develop warm leads for his clients.

Rather than gather a huge crowd that overwhelms the booth forcing your staff to rush conversations to sort interested prospects from casual bystanders, Gene’s approach is to attract smaller groups with his sleight-of-hand performance. He weaves your message throughout his act to build awareness of your product and offer. Then he smoothly hands off a warm lead to your rep.

Gene’s performances help turn your tradeshow exhibit into a compelling experience that will help attendees remember your company and message long after the tradeshow ends. And isn’t that the kind of effective exhibit your company wants?

In order to deliver a magical message that accurately and relevantly relates to your company, Gene performs extensive research on your products and services. Then prior to the show, Gene works with your sales and marketing teams -- customizing his presentations to your display.   By attracting visitors with up-close magic or performing some good-natured watch steals, Gene’s showmanship will help make your display a memorable attraction to market your business and deliver qualified leads to you.





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