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Up-Close Magic


"Without exception, everyone who attended his performance [at our annual convention] was amazed not only with his sleight-of-hand but also with the presentation of his skills and sense of humor. It is not often that you see a large group of accountants all laughing at the same time!!!"
Kenneth A. DeCoursey, CPA, DeCoursey & Company, P.A.

"At first we were a bit concerned how people would react to Gene "mingling" and performing up-close magic during our meal. We need not worry. Between courses, it seemed he would just appear, work his way from table to table, and people were laughing and having a great time."
Linda McCumber, Office Manager, Preferred Physicians Medical


Gene entertains audiences of all sizes with up-close magic. He will perform in various ways throughout your event such as acting as a "Strolling Magician" entertaining your guests with sleight-of-hand tricks that are more impressive because they are so close.

Guests are encouraged to closely watch as Gene performs card tricks and makes coins or other small objects disappear then reappear in bizarre locations. How he does it is even more of a mystery because the audience is close enough to see there is no smoke or mirrors -- just the magic of a distinguished professional.

Gene's magic tricks are proven successes -- he adapts his presentation to the situation and audience. Whether you need family-friendly entertainment or a motivational message, Gene delivers in a memorable fashion.





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